Find answers to your questions before joining a tour so that you can find out exactly what you want to know.

Can I pay half now
Yes I can pay half now but payment has to be completed two weeks before travel date.
When am I required to pay full payment
Two weeks before the trip full payment must have been made
How much does it cost per person
As seen on the flyers
How much is a shared room
As seen on our Website or flyers
Can I bring my children, how much is it for children between 2-15 years
Provision for families would be made tailored for you
Are there discounts if we are many
Yes we are open to give discounts
Is there anything special for couples
Yes couples who indicate on registration would be given a Customized package at a Fee
What are the requirements for this travel
Travel requirements is country based
Does this include Visa charges
Do I have to be Covid 19 Vaccinated
Do you provide Covid testing
No However we can refer you to where you can do it
Do we have to be quarantined, and for how long
Are there any extra cost we need to be aware of
Yes, Covid testing $80, Any Personal Effect, Items not listed in Package
Who is conducting this trip
The trip is conducted by I love Africa
Are you a certified travel agency
We have certified travel agents handling each of our trips
Can I get discounts
All prices listed on website and social media platform are final
How long does it take to get my Visa approved
2 working weeks
Are there plans for family or couples
We would if indications are made ahead of time
How much would it cost if I want to pay for my plane ticket
We can make Enquires for you
How much would it cost if I don't want stop overs
If flight fare is included in trip with stopovers as one of the travel processes, there is nothing we can do about such issues, you are welcome to book your own flight ticket
What if I have a health challenge
We would require a medical clearance from a certified physician stating that you are cleared to travel without any possible occurances during the trip
Does this include insurance
No, insurance to be covered where necessary by individuals. (To be verified by the travel agent)
Who am I paying to
You are paying into the company's account
Can I get a refund if I am not interested anymore
Depends on the time, if it two weeks to the travel you only get 50% return
When am I approved to get a refund
As soon as your refund application is accepted a team member would get in contact with you to process your refund. Terms and Conditions apply
Who can I speak to if I have complaints
Our customer care representative is based here in the United States of America USA but we also have representatives across Africa
What are the benefits of going on this trip
Exploring new frontiers, reconnecting you back to the continent, with the purpose of forming a relationship with the continent of Africa
Where are you based
Charlotte NC
Where is your office
Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
How can I contact you
Click on the contact us form on I love Africa Travel Website, send us a message or call us with Number provided on our website or flyer.
Who is in charge