Trekking Holidays

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Best Seasons:Winter, Fall
Popular Location:Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, India

Trekking Tours

    Uganda Primate Safari

    15 Days

    Uganda is a beautiful country made up of lots of wildlife, rain forest, that is, Kibale forest and Bwindi impenetrable forest. You’ll also come in contact with apes, gorillas and scenery of vegetations, landscapes and snow laced mountain peaks. Uganda…

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      Gorilla Trekking

      3 Days

      Uganda offers vistors some of the best primate tracking on the planet – set against it’s backdrop are endless green plants, landscape and ice covered mountainsides.

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        Rwenzori Trekking and Murchission falls

        13 Days

        How exactly would you feel if you experience a spring cascading down beautifully with thick green vegetations around and your eyes behold crocodiles bringing out their head slowly out of the beautiful River? An experience trekking through the paths of…

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          Cairo And Sharm

          7 Days

          If you’re looking for a beautiful city filled with wonderful African history, culture, and also full of adventures, then Cairo is the best for you. Envision yourself sitting beside your loved ones in beautiful summer wears, close to a beautiful…

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